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Magic, mystery, and guns in 1960s Europe.


Camaret-sur-Mer is the setting of Rough Magic, a film noir role-playing game of magic, mystery, and guns. Fog enshrouded cobblestone streets wind between Camaret-sur-Mer's tall art deco and gothic skyscrapers, and mysterious figures skulk beneath gargoyles, ornate ledges, and other architectural flourishes. Disreputable characters on streetcorners sell cheap amulets and potions to those who want love, protection, or success. In the sky above, grand passenger zeppelins carry the well-to-do to far off ports like St. Petersburg, Istanbul, and New York. In the city below, the monorail connects Camaret-sur-Mer to the rest of the Empire, from Berlin to Rome, from Paris to London.

Rough Magic RPG


Chapter One: The Bag In Raphael's Room

Chapter Two: The Girl With Death In Her Eyes

Chapter Three: The Vampire Murders

Chapter Four: For Faerie, Queen, And Country

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