Dominion Battlecruiser

Campaign: Have Starship Will Travel

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Alahir (Husnock Warship Star Trek).png

HDSS Alahir, Class 6 Dominion Battlecruiser

Character sheet

Length: 290 m Berths: 180
Crew: 448 (128) Cabins: 210
Consoles: 6
Engines: 5 Typical 5 pc trip: 1 days (4 parsecs/day)
Hull: 7 Armor: 3
Shields: 6 Hangars: 1
Weapons: 6  
Cryptanalysis Console Mk III [I]
Time required for cryptography and mathematical analysis is reduced to 1/4 the normal time.
Grants equipment level 3 on rolls pertaining to cryptography and mathematical analysis.
Engineering Console Mk III
Grants equipment level 3 on rolls pertaining to engineering, design, and construction.
Hypernet Packet Sniffer Console Mk III [I]
Allows monitoring and decryption of Hypernet relay packets.
Grants equipment level 3 on rolls pertaining to capturing and decrypting Hypernet packets.
Secure Communications Console Mk III
Imposes -3 AV penalty on enemies' rolls to decode, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with the ship's communications.
Any character can receive this benefit, as long as their communications are relayed through the ship.
Spinal Mount Weapon Console Mk III
Once per round, a crew member may use a standard action to attempt an Agility + Ranged Combat roll to fire the weapon. The ship may not attack any other targets on this round.
If the roll is successful, the damage is determined normally, and the attacker receives +3 damage bonus.
Tractor Beam Console Mk III [X]
Choose one target. If the ship makes a successful attack roll, the target is locked in a tractor beam.
While the tractor beam is engaged, the Engines rating of each ship is subtracted from the other ship's Engines rating (minimum of 0).

[G] requires a geist, and will be inert if no geist is present.
[G-] requires a geist for some features.
[I] is illegal or regulated in most jurisdictions.
[N] is non-removable without damaging the starship.
[P] Panglossian Era (starships are Restoration Era unless otherwise indicated).
[X] is a prototype: replacement parts are unavailable, and must be individually constructed.

Rev 4.0.13